time and case load management communicating across language barriers family law in depth

Training Courses

Cascade Training Consultancy’s reputation is founded on its vibrant, highly accessible training style and its strong focus on the practical needs of participants. Courses are modular and can be specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation. Training is offered in a variety of formats and levels including…

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Going to Court

The legal, financial and personal realities of going to Court are the focus of this course. Whether you are plaintiff, defendant, witness or just an interested party you will learn what to expect and how to prepare for a Court appearance. Participants do not need any legal knowledge and the emphasis is on practical problem-solving and alternative methods of dispute resolution.

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Landlord and Tenant Rights

This course covers the legal rights and obligations of tenants and landlords in relation to private tenancies. Tax issues and recent changes in tenancy law are covered and participants are guided through a range of cases from the Private Rented Tenancies Board.

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Introduction to the Legal System

This is an entry-level course aimed at giving participants a broad understanding of the Irish legal system and how to interact with it. Practical tips and useful referral options are emphasised, legal terms are clearly explained and common misconceptions and pitfalls for the layman are laid to rest.

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Children and the Law

Covering many legal issues relating to children and minors, inside or outside of the family context, this course synopsises key aspects of Family, Employment, Consumer and Inheritance law relating to children. The focus is on protection of children and their practical, legal and emotional support. No previous legal knowledge is required.

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Practical Interculturalism

This is a universally relevant course, delivering the practical tools and skills necessary for competent intercultural interaction. We examine the component elements of culture shock and culture clash and provide participants with flexible strategies for tackling issues that commonly arise in the multicultural workplace or public sphere.

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Communicating Across Language Barriers

Interacting with non-native speakers of English?
Need practical solutions? This course is for you!

Our flagship training course helps front-line staff and management to communicate more effectively in English with people for whom English is not a native language.

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Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness is an ideal introduction to subject of interculturalism for those working and living in 21st Century Ireland. Participants examine their own attitudes and preconceptions, and gain practical skills and an overview of the law in the area.

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Tús Maith: Relocation to Ireland

In the global arena of the workplace, employee relocation is increasingly common. The challenges faced by employees and their families can lead to unsuccessful or short-term relocations and sub-optimal productivity. This course is equally relevant for relocating employees, and for support staff.

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Multicultural Management

With 12% of the workforce now non-Irish, multicultural skills are a must for all managers. Focusing on motivation, leadership and communication skills, this course gives crucial guidance for managerial efficiency in a changing work environment.

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Intercultural Team-building

The changing face of the workforce brings with it a multiplicity of interaction styles and value systems. Cross-cultural team-building calls for a new kind of flexibility and awareness.

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Coming Up

A Public Information Presentation entitled ‘Making a Will won’t kill you’ is to take place in Beara, County Cork at Eyeries National School at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23 February 2016. Hosted by Eyeries NS Parents’ Association and delivered by Anne O’Carroll of Cascade Training Consultancy, this jargon-free presentation gives practical tips on how to make a will, what happens if you don’t and how best to provide for your loved ones, avail of tax breaks and ensure peace of mind. This event is a fund-raiser for the school and is open to all, but parents of young children or other dependents are particularly encouraged to attend. There will be a Question & Answer session afterwards and handouts will be provided.

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Health Service Executive (HSE)

Well-presented course. Facilitators were knowledgeable, good examples, and were fun. Thank you. Really enjoyed the day – has made me think more about how I talk with people who do not speak English. Has given me very useful tips that I can use in profession/job.

Day went very fast. Helps to refocus on what is required by me to improve my communication with non-native speakers in our staff. Really helpful! A great day. Enjoyable and worthwhile; an eye-opener.

Very effective at promoting awareness of our presumptions about another’s understanding.’ ‘Extremely important to all front-line staff.

Course would be highly relevant for all admin/reception staff as well as all professional grades. Examples and comparisons helped to relate the specific skills to real life. Especially like the diversity of activity – lots of interactive exercises. Well done – a lot packed in.

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