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Training Courses

Cascade Training Consultancy’s reputation is founded on its vibrant, highly accessible training style and its strong focus on the practical needs of participants. Courses are modular and can be specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation. Training is offered in a variety of formats and levels including…

  • Presentations
  • Half-day Seminars
  • One-day Workshops
  • Two-day Training Courses
  • Weekend Team-building Retreats

Presentations and seminars facilitate large groups. Workshops and training courses are available for more intensive and experiential learning in smaller groups. Weekend retreats allow participants to experience a more reflexive, in-depth approach in a residential setting.

Training courses can be delivered in-house at the venue and time of your choice. Alternatively, we regularly run courses at different locations around the country which are open to individual participants.

Our Public Information Presentations are also an extremely popular way of raising your organisation’s public profile or forming part of a fund-raiser or conference.

Cascade Training Consultancy can be also be retained on a consultancy basis to carry out research, course design, intercultural audits, refresher/follow-up courses, case studies, learner outcome analysis etc as the need arises. 

See detailed course outlines on this page. For further information contact us

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Coming Up

A Public Information Presentation entitled ‘Making a Will won’t kill you’ is to take place in Beara, County Cork at Eyeries National School at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23 February 2016. Hosted by Eyeries NS Parents’ Association and delivered by Anne O’Carroll of Cascade Training Consultancy, this jargon-free presentation gives practical tips on how to make a will, what happens if you don’t and how best to provide for your loved ones, avail of tax breaks and ensure peace of mind. This event is a fund-raiser for the school and is open to all, but parents of young children or other dependents are particularly encouraged to attend. There will be a Question & Answer session afterwards and handouts will be provided.

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Dublin City Library Service

Excellent! No time wasted or needless repetition, there was information conveyed all the time. Also relaxed, no jargon and friendly.

Excellent, I will approach many situations in a more confident way. I hope to be more tuned in.

Very useful and will be used in my everyday work.

An excellent learning experience in the field of intercultural communication. Thank You!

Very very practical and useful in an everyday way. Kept my attention all day!


Well thought out.

Fascinating – Very Interesting.

Very focused. Not a minute wasted. Anne and Sabrina worked well together and are obviously really well prepared. Very enjoyable, more of this please!

An invigorating, interesting journey through dealing with interculturalism.

A very useful insight into an underestimated area of work.

Surprisingly better than I had imagined – fun but practical and informative. Thank you.

Very interesting entertaining and crucial for working and living in a multicultural society.

Helpful, enjoyable, professional, realistic and non-judgemental.

Excellent! A high standard of training.

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