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Practical Interculturalism

This is a universally relevant course, delivering the practical tools and skills necessary for competent intercultural interaction. We examine the component elements of culture shock and culture clash and provide participants with flexible strategies for tackling issues that commonly arise in the multicultural workplace or public sphere.

CALB GlobeAim: Achieve the awareness and skills necessary for effective intercultural interactions in the workplace and public sphere

On completion participants will be able to:

  • Define different aspects of Culture
  • Describe their own personal and group identity and cultural characteristics
  • Recognise the dynamics of ethnocentrism
  • Identify with the symptoms of and responses to Culture Shock
  • Identify possible pitfalls inherent in cross-cultural interaction in a workplace and social context
  • Describe the links between assumptions, presumptions, stereotypes, prejudice and racism
  • Describe the spectrum of Cultural Dimensions (collectivist/individualist; direct/indirect etc)
  • Participate in current discourse on Culture Clash and Culture Bumps in an Irish context
  • Engage with contemporary theories on cross- culturalism, multiculturalism and interculturalism
  • Practically apply these theories to day-to-day situations they encounter
  • Adopt a less reactive response to unfamiliar communication styles and cultural norms or values
  • Engage in cross-cultural adaptation in the context of a Third Space
  • Deal confidently and competently with the ever- changing challenges of cultural interface
  • Refer to relevant information, advice and support agencies

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Coming Up

A Public Information Presentation entitled ‘Making a Will won’t kill you’ is to take place in Beara, County Cork at Eyeries National School at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23 February 2016. Hosted by Eyeries NS Parents’ Association and delivered by Anne O’Carroll of Cascade Training Consultancy, this jargon-free presentation gives practical tips on how to make a will, what happens if you don’t and how best to provide for your loved ones, avail of tax breaks and ensure peace of mind. This event is a fund-raiser for the school and is open to all, but parents of young children or other dependents are particularly encouraged to attend. There will be a Question & Answer session afterwards and handouts will be provided.

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South Dublin County Childcare Committee

Great outlook on Culture. I don’t feel as embarrassed or confused as I did.

Relaxed and fun, yet informative.

Enjoyed day immensely. Very entertaining, good use of examples relating to relevant topics and good pictures/notes on flip chart. Anne has great energy and very easy to understand and listen to. It changes viewpoint, gives communication skills to put in place for any difficult situations/conversations etc.

I found Communicating Across Language Barriers very hands-on and relevant.

Great group size meant all voices were heard.

Cascade tutors were very engaging and made the programme enjoyable.

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