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Multicultural Management

With 12% of the workforce now non-Irish, multicultural skills are a must for all managers. Focusing on motivation, leadership and communication skills, this course gives crucial guidance for managerial efficiency in a changing work environment.

Balancing ActAim: Build competencies necessary for effective management in an intercultural sphere

On completion participants will be able to:

  • Increase retention of quality employees
  • Foster team growth and productivity
  • Adopt a flexible, appropriate leadership style
  • Set up workable organisational structures
  • Identify the impact of cultural difference on communication, co-operation and productivity
  • Use culturally-appropriate motivation tools
  • Deconstruct diverse cross-cultural attitudes to hierarchy, gender and age
  • Simplify and clarify information, questions, Explanations and instructions
  • Listen ‘between the lines’
  • Practice and hone strategies through role play-
  • Support maximisation of employee potential
  • Create effective lines of communication between managers and staff
  • Foster an atmosphere of openness to difference
  • Combat misinformation and misunderstandings
  • Regulate and reduce intercultural friction
  • Support the establishment of a Third Space
  • Establish a unity of purpose and common under standing of priorities, tasks, roles, work practices
  • Give explicit communication etiquette guidelines
  • Maximise synergy, increasing creative process
  • Convey managerial confidence and competence

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Coming Up

A Public Information Presentation entitled ‘Making a Will won’t kill you’ is to take place in Beara, County Cork at Eyeries National School at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23 February 2016. Hosted by Eyeries NS Parents’ Association and delivered by Anne O’Carroll of Cascade Training Consultancy, this jargon-free presentation gives practical tips on how to make a will, what happens if you don’t and how best to provide for your loved ones, avail of tax breaks and ensure peace of mind. This event is a fund-raiser for the school and is open to all, but parents of young children or other dependents are particularly encouraged to attend. There will be a Question & Answer session afterwards and handouts will be provided.

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Fáilte Ireland

I found the course very useful and I will certainly be more aware when dealing with and speaking to non-native speakers.

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